Custom Packaging Boxes
Custom Boxes

By: davidbrown1850 | November 13, 2017

The fact is undeniable that the retail boxes play an important role in determining the price value of a product because it gives it a different image when combined with the packaging.There are quite a lot of changes brought in the retail packaging UK but still the lack of technology is visible and a wide room for improvement is present.

By: davidbrown1850 | June 21, 2017

Apart from packaging for other insignificant purposes, it is mainly very important for a brand to have its identity in place through the right packaging. If two brands have the same type of packaging and they are not apparently different after the packaging is done, they don’t have any individual style and are a copy of each other. You can look at a certain box of cereal you consume daily or a brand of candles that you usually buy and you will know which brand it is without reading the name on it. Because the way it appears has its own independent presence and image created in your mind. But if your favorite candles are packaged same as the other ordinary candles, you will have to turn them around to have a look at their name and get the on...