Custom Packaging Boxes
Custom Boxes

By: davidbrown1850 | November 13, 2017

The fact is undeniable that the retail boxes play an important role in determining the price value of a product because it gives it a different image when combined with the packaging.There are quite a lot of changes brought in the retail packaging UK but still the lack of technology is visible and a wide room for improvement is present.

Most used types of packaging these days are conferred below in the remaining article:

1. Paperboard retail type boxes

Lightweight paper material for retail packaging is called paperboard boxes and they are quite sturdy you do not have to be misguided due to their weight. The manufacturers can transform these paperboards into any shape, size or structure when they need lightweight but secure boxes.The material used for the making of paper-based packaging are wood pulp, the pulp is bleached and processed to form fine paperboard boxes.The solid bleached sulfate paperboards are mostly utilized for medicines, beverages, makeup products, and other food items. The unbleached form of this material is known as Kraft paper and that is moisture resistant.

2.  Corrugated fiberboard boxes

retail packaging boxes are made of several layers of paper that are assembled by using a high quality adhesive. The purpose of such boxes is to provide strong and durable protection for packages who need to be delivered far away and may contain fragile products.The boxes are mainly manufactured in three types such as open faced curvy layer, the curved layer sandwiched by two layers of paper, and the most strong one consists of three plain paper layers and two curved layers.

3.  Rigid boxes for selling several types of goods

Rigid boxes are made of very condensed paper that form a paperboard that is many times denser than a standard packaging box. Retail packaging boxes as associated to strength are a symbol of class as most of the high-end products use such packaging.During shipment the probability of items getting damaged is decreased two folds but as the boxes are heavy the shipment charges are also increased.Numerous features can be installed in these boxes such as platforms, lids, hinges, windows, domes, compartments and embossing.

4.  Presentation Boxes for exquisite objects

Retail box to present high quality products as gifts or with a corporate look, the boxes named presentation boxes are common in use. These type of packages have silk or satin lining with another box that is shaped to place the product comfortably in a fitted cushion. The specific boxes are mostly used for fountain pens, tiepins, watches, jewelry, or any special object that is intended as a gift.

5.  Blister pack style retail packaging

Such packaging is used for small objects which the manufacturers intend to display while sitting in a secure bubble of plastic. The base is of cardboard that is printed with all the labels and designs and the plastic is blistered according to the shape of product. The item is completely fitted in the blister pack.A new dimension in the field of custom retail packaging that involves thermoformed plastic. 

6.  Chipboard packaging

Chipboard, retail packaging wholesale are generally used for paradigms such as cosmetic, electronic, food, medical, and beverage. The material is biodegradable and quite cheap for manufacturers who want to invest a little amount in packaging.

7.  Display boxes for retail stores

Display boxes are the best kind and you see them mostly on the counter tops. These boxes provide a very visible place for the products and make them more attractive for the customers. They can be manufactured with any kind of material but the designs must be outstanding.


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